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Research & Analysis

Well-researched as well as well-written.

Siobhan is an exceptional researcher with strong copywriting skills, and an excellent planner. I would work with her again tomorrow – her skills, passion and 100% reliability would be an asset on any project.
— Fran Morgan, owner at Shoutaboutit

I'm just as happy with a research brief as I am writing copy. I'm a trained information professional and spent the early part of my career as a business researcher and then brand analyst, eventually moving on to be Head of Knowledge at Design Bridge, a leading brand design agency. 

Sector overviews, competitor maps, market drivers, SWOT analysis and future implications. I can help bring understanding and insight to project work, pitches or marketing initiatives. I've produced research findings in various guises - presentations, reports, summaries - and on a huge variety of sectors from hospitality to insurance and security to retail technology. 

I know where to go to get good information and have research skills needed to pull out what's relevant. And of course write the final report in a style to suit you. 

Read more about my research work below.

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Research & analysis examples

image courtesy of StartJG

image courtesy of StartJG


Understanding the retail technology sector. Competitor analysis and overview of digital display technology sector to support new entrant. My brief was to look at positioning and pricing structure of main players and innovative newer entrants, as well as identify main market drivers.


Competitor Communication. I was asked to research and provide an overview of competitors' positioning within the security sector, and analyse corporate messages - tone of voice, vocabulary as well as visual messages - around positioning and services. The final presentation of findings was used within a brand development workshop. 


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